Frequently asked questions

Is this website a datingsite? This website is not only used as a datingsite. People can make contacts for finding travelling/business partners or just friends. This site is a portal where people can find information about countries, cities, districts and people that are available to get connected for sharing travel information. Writing blogs is also part of this website to achieve this.
Is this website really free of charge? This website is totally Free. We will not charge you to send messages or anything like that. When we say free, we mean 100% FREE!
I did not get any registration email when I registered to verify my email address? Due to many spam filters, its possible this email is moved to the spam folder. Please check your spam folder for the verification email and click on the link in order to use all our services. If you still did not find the email, please contact us at
Are all markers on the maps people that are currently online? No. People who are online, are seen as green markers on the map, if they offline, then they are white. You can filter right from the google maps on "Online?". Choose "all" or "Now online".
Why is the map shown in grey? Sometimes after many visitors to our site, the google maps server needs to proecss all the requests made by all the visitors.
It can take up to 30 seconds (also depending on your internet connection) before your can see the map 100% loaded. Please be patient.
Do i always receive notifications if someone sends me a message? No. You can choose this in settings->Receive notifications. If you select "no", then you will not receive any notificaties anymore.
How do I register on this website? Registering is easy and totally free. Click on this link HERE and follow the 2 steps.
You need to fill in your location and at least one picture of yourself. This is to prevent scammers on this website. After registration your profile will be measured and approved or disapproved.
Read our terms and conditions for more about our regulations.
Can I hide my profile, so others can't see me on the map or normal results? Yes you can. After you have logged in and you choose "hide profile" in settings, then nobody will be able to see your profile page on the map or anywhere on the website. You are still able send and reply to messages to other members.
Do I have to use my real current location? We try to offer this service for people all over the world from all origins. People who do not want their location to be shown on the map, can still register, by selecting the hometown province, city and/or district, since the site works on the world geo coordinates longitude and latitude. So your hometown needs to be given, but after logged in, you can choose in settings->follow location? if you want people to follow your current location you choose "yes" and otherwise "no". If you choose "no" people will see your hometown's location only, but you still able to search and contact other people. The goal of this website is to let people meet other people based on their current locations. So we strongly advice everyone to not put false location info on this website.
How do I block someone from sending me messages? To block someone from sending you messages (and from visiting your profile), please use the "Block" button found in your profile's settings page. The same works for the "Add to favourites button".
Are all profiles real? We try to control as much as possible that the profiles are really as real as possible. This among others is done by e-mail authentication, anti-spam bots, photographs and zip code verification. So we check that there is no automated computer programs to create fake profiles. This website contributes extra care for "real" profiles, because we do not want a website with fake profiles. When we come to a conclusion or have a suspect behind a fake profile, they will be removed immediately. Nevertheless, we can not 100% guarantee on this offer and therefore not be held liable for.
How do I change my username or email? Sorry, usernames or email addresses cannot be changed. If you really want another username you will have to delete your old account and create a new one. Please note that if you do not delete your old account first, our system will detect duplicate profiles, block them all, and even prevent you from signing up again in the future.
May I contact you for other questions?? Yes you can, we would like to hear any comments and are open for any suggestions you might have to make this site better. You can also always contact us for advertising or other questions on