Volunteer work in Yogyakarta

2018-04-20 2

Education kids in the villages of jogja

Well, things to always feel better are to help other people in need.

Me and some of my friends always connect ot help others in need, especially people that are willing to work and are smarter then others to make a big change in their environment.

Poverty Indonesia

Indonesia is the world’s third most populous democracy, and its people are spread out among thousands of islands in the Indian ocean. The country’s unique geography and turbulent history have made poverty reduction a challenge. However, Indonesia has made strides in addressing poverty thanks to strong economic growth and concentrated poverty alleviation legislation.

In recent years, however, the economy of Indonesia has been performing very well. Indonesia has the largest economy in Southeast Asia and the 16th largest in the world. The Indonesian economy has seen steady annual growth rates of between four and six percent annually since 2004. Furthermore, the unemployment rate is very low, recorded at just 5.5 percent in 2015.

The country has a positive growth outlook for coming years. The Indonesian government has shown its commitment to fiscal reforms to increase foreign investment, and economic growth is expected to increase in coming years.

Javanese Character

 Javanese society has traditionally been hierarchal in its orientation with the sultan and the upper classes at the top. Status is very important among the "elegant taciturn princes of Java.” This conflicts with Islam’s egalitarian beliefs. “High” and “low” language used to address superiors and inferiors are still used in Java. Halus (refined) Javanese culture still exits. Rooted in Hinduism, it revolves around respect for the sultan and appreciation of the high culture and arts that are associated with it.

 Javanese culture has been described as “status obsessed.” George B. Whitfield III wrote on expat.or.id: “ Javanese values evolved in an agricultural, highly stratified, feudal society. Values developed in such societies are often designed to protect the status quo and limit individual initiative. They may not easily lend themselves to enhancing attitudes and behaviors commonly accepted ‘globally’ as conducive to running an international business in the most efficient and effective manner.

 Javanese are known for following strict etiquette and proceeding with deliberate caution. Confrontation is done discreetly and indirectly. Halus describes the refinement that Javanese aspire to obtain. Nonkong is a word used to describe the art of hanging out.

 Javanese are known for their indirectness. Like Japanese indirectness, it is based on politeness and addressing issues in such a way that the person is not offended and avoiding hints of criticism, pointing out mistakes or mentioning anything the other person might be sensitive about.

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Jakarta Raya

looking for nice guy to travel

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Hello everybody, hope you do f

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I am keto warrior haha

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Jakarta Raya

Gi guys shall we have some fun

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Age: 29 | Gender:      27 month ago  

Hi everybody, hope to know you

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serius only

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Age: 29 | Gender:      26 month ago  

enjoy trevelling and new thing

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Age: 38 | Gender:      21 month ago  

Hello fitri here

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Nice woman and always be happy

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