Ramadan muslim fasting month has begun

2019-05-09 0


People in Indonesia, or other parts of the world are very lazy in the fasting month. They fall asleep in working hours. Yeah what do you expect? No energy, no food or drink?

Girls can find an excuse saying they have menstruation. Suddenly most of them have menstruation this month.

Bad for the economy 

Besides the religious beliefs etc, the truth of the matter is, that this is very bad for the country's economy. Since people do not want to work hard and not care about anything else besides vacation (Idul Fitri) at the end of the fasting.

No business owners likes this month. It is the worst month of the year. Income goes backwards. 

No alcohol in Bars/Restaurants

They can not sell beer in bars and restaurants and even during the day before the fasting break (6 pm), they closes restaurants with curtains, so people have to hide to eat. This is to respect the moslims? This is such a selfish and hypocritical mindset. How about people with other religions? They have to eat in secret, since they will get islam people too excited to eat, since they can apparently not control themselves.  So it means all the places where they sell food, must be hidden. It is not prohibited, but people can not trigger the islamic believers in any way to make it easier for them to get a snack. With this mindset, this country will never ever grow. 

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Jakarta Raya

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Jakarta Raya

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Jawa Timur


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Jawa Ti..

I am a good man

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