Rainbow after the rain

2020-03-14 2


Did you hear about real love?  Of course we hear that right? From love song and also we can see that from drama on tv or movie. But to see in daily life...hmmmmm now is very rare (in my case). Lately i going around with some girls friends. Couple times we discuss about this, some of my friends said, when we're old maybe not only love work in the relationship, but the use to it with living together with our partner. No matter the roller coaster the relationship is if they both stay together until the end..they will be win. Two head become together is just not easy, plus if we're together with someone that with totally different background of culture, education, language. Example Mr. Batak have partner from Mrs. Sunda, Mr. Batak use to it speak to the point, loud voice, and the food of Mr. Batak mostly about meat. Different with Mrs. Sunda, talk sofly, and food mostly about fresh vegitable and fruits. Anyway many more example in out there.

The Goal of Being Together 

Roller coaster in relationship is must be get through from all relationship in this world. But the point is if we hang on and stick to the reason why we together then we will win the battle. The way i see it if u want to see the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain, not only rain, sometime there's thunder and thunderstorm. 

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Jakarta Raya

looking for nice guy to travel

Age: 32 Hometown: Jakarta Utara (Offline) (5)
Age: 32 | Gender:      80 months ago  
Jawa Barat

Ordnary person, with an ordina..

Age: 45 Hometown: Kota Bogor (Offline) (4)
Age: 45 | Gender:      80 months ago  
Jawa Ba..

Hello everybody, hope you do f..

Age: 30 Hometown: sleman (Offline) (3)
Age: 30 | Gender:      85 months ago  

Hi everybody, hope to know you

Age: 33 Hometown: semarang (Offline) (1)
Age: 33 | Gender:      84 months ago  

serius only

Age: 34 Hometown: karawang (Offline) (1)
Age: 34 | Gender:      84 months ago  
Jakarta Raya

Gi guys shall we have some fun..

Age: 34 Hometown: Jakarta Timur (Offline) (13)
Age: 34 | Gender:      85 months ago  

I am keto warrior haha

Age: 38 Hometown: tangerang (Offline) (2)
Age: 38 | Gender:      76 months ago  
Jawa Timur


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Age: 43 | Gender:      66 months ago  
Jawa Ti..

I am a good man

Age: 46 Hometown: jakarta-selatan (Offline) (1)
Age: 46 | Gender:      72 months ago  
Jakarta Raya


Age: 37 Hometown: Jakarta Pusat (Offline) (1)
Age: 37 | Gender:      65 months ago  
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