Panic in Indonesia\\\'s caiptal after 2 CORONA cases

2020-03-14 2

2 corona outbreaks

Since the president, announced on TV beginning this month that there were 2 positive tested corona patients. The whole population went wild.

Going to supermarkets, adding food to stay at home.

The president also did not even say to to public, that washing hands is important and stop hem from being panic. Indonesia is not ready dua to a lack of equipment to test for this virus or manage this.

Also of course since they didn't check the airport incoming traffic, until 5 march, they did not know when people get symptoms that this is the corona virus.

Its a cold and in Indonesia, people get buried very fast, without doing any autopsy, whatsoever. Now 69 people are officially tested, but there are at least 10 x more that they have not tested yet.

Working together

Like many other countries including Singapore and Vietnam in the same area, work together, even make songs and create positive energy to fight and win from this virus.

In Indonesia they are selfish, does not care of other people die as long as hey not get infected.

Hot temperature

Due to the online statistics for example on through this link: countries with warmer/hot temperature's, they are more likely to spread the virus slower then colder countries. But not as cold as Antarctica, which is the only part of the world where this virus can not live. This is still being discussed and questioned.
If you look at the statistics though, you will see the hot temperature countries are less infected compared with colder temperature countries.

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