No social mentality in Indonesia

2017-08-17 4

No patience

Indonesia is a country, where people grew up without a social mentality. It has been so rooted in their mindset that you can't even blame them for their lack of not being selfish basically.
Waiting patiently in line for the bus, train or any kind of public transportation and waiting lines do not exist in Indonesia. They push themselves through as fast as they can. It has mainly no use, since the ride will not get faster to their destination. They do not think in that way.
In the elevators, or door openings, they not wait until the people come out first, they want to go in first. In the left upper pictures in Singapore they even have a green line, where the People can go out, and behind the red line people need to wait (see image). In Indonesia its really without rules. It proves how ignorant they are to learn and I don't think it will ever change. The government allows it and does nothing about it. So there is nobody apparently in the local community that has a problem with this.

Driving a vehicle

In indonesia a driving licence for a car is not done by taking lessons and get a driving test, no. You but the driving licence for around 300.000 (20 euro's).
All people in Indonesia do that, so you can't expect anyone to know the rules. In the traffic you will really know the Indonesian mentality. But that would count for other developing countries as well. They do not care about any traffic rules, turning left/right doesn't mean they will wait until vehicle's drive straight. 99%of the people are so selfish that they try to be the first. All traffic rules you learned in the west, you need to totally forget in Indonesia. A zebra lane, is just decoration for the road or a place to do suicide.
Seriously they will never give you a change to go first according to the traffic rules that do NOT exist in these asian countries.
If the traffic is jammed, people use their horns excessively every 4 seconds in the hope of the traffic going faster. No logic whatsoever. 


Developing asian countries are very keen on status. If you have a big and expensive car, you probably get more respect on the road. In this way people with cheaper cars will make the way free for you. Rich people in general have a higher status and more rights everywhere. In Indonesia as I know it, its money talks and bullshit walks.
And doing monkeys business that happens here you get peanuts!

Developed asian countries

At the other hand. Singapore is a developed country. They have many ways of making everybody clear to work together in a social manner and help the country to staf efficient, clean and equal for everybody without placing one above the other no matter what the reason might be. In the picture it is made very clear what the differences in waiting a que for any kind are between Indonesia and Singapore. Hopefully Singapore can set an example and the developing countries people's mindset will open to stop being so selfish and work together for a better future.
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enjoy trevelling and new thing

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Nice woman and always be happy

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Hello fitri here

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