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2019-07-14 1
The difficulty choice kindergarten school in Jakarta 

Indonesia with around 200 millions citizens have big homework about education. 

The problem of Indonesia is big different class of living (standard living). Low class society and high class society too much different, in this time i will write about kindergarten school, the education system in Indonesia. Many kindergarten in big city is franchise using curriculum from another countries

I'm a mother with 2 young kids stuck in big smoke city a.k.a Jakarta 😁 really feel how me and my husband hunting good kindergarten for our kids..feel like hunting treasure hehehe.

There is some methods of kindergarten that mostly use in Indonesia:

1. Montessori

Montessori learning methods initiated by Italian women, dr. Maria Montessori, this emphasizes the basic concept of 'follow the child'.

That is, the child learning school program adapts the talents and interests of each child, while the teacher is only a facilitator and guide.

In addition, this type of school also prioritizes independence, where children are trained to take care of their own needs. Like removing and wearing shoes or tidying up the food box after the snack time ends.

In general, classes in this Montessori-based school consist of children of various ages. This is so that children can adapt to each other and help smaller friends.

Does not need to worry that the Little One cannot follow the material given. Because here every child is given the opportunity to learn according to their abilities and learning styles. The learning process is fun with creative learning materials and not monotonous.

2. Waldorf

Shortly after the Montessori-based curriculum developed, the Waldorf curriculum was born which was initiated by an educational philosopher from Austria, Rudolf Steiner.

Similar to Montessori, the Waldorf curriculum never generalizes children's learning abilities.

Again, children are given the opportunity to develop their intelligence and talents through fun learning material.

Don't be surprised, if not many school books or school assignments are given. Waldorf actually emphasizes children's creativity, such as painting, singing, playing acting or cooking. The reason is to form individuals who develop emotional, physical and intellectual aspects.

3. Reggio-Emilia

Similar to the previous two curriculums, the Italian Reggio-Emilia curriculum adapts to the character and interest in children's learning. The teacher is only as a companion and facilitator in providing challenges according to the child's interests.

Reggio-Emilia directs children to be able to learn from their mistakes, not from the teacher's correction.

The curriculum also emphasizes the aspects of creativity and the presentation of artistic learning material so that it can attract children's attention.

4. High Scope

The curriculum was initiated by a teacher from Michigan, Dr. David Weikart, in 1970 prioritized the social and emotional development of children rather than merely the academic side.

The type of school that applies this curriculum allows students to decide for themselves what material or activities they want to do.

In general, applied learning styles such as storytelling, singing or using a computer to complete learning material

5. Play Based 

Unlike the previous four curricula, the 'play based' curriculum is mostly applied by private schools in Indonesia.

Play while learning methods lead to activities that have been prepared in accordance with the age group of children. Like free play, storytelling or hands on play.

Those some methods that some of kindergarten use in indonesia and the school put some extra contains like mandarin language and when now we in Chinese area of jakarta then mandarin language be the most important in the international kindergarten. The school use English 50% and 50% mandarin, or more mandarin or 100% mandarin, which is we that not have any connection with those Chinese culture feel struggle to choose which school that suitable with our kids because our kids already use 3 languages at home, English, Dutch and Indonesia and if learn other language we feel too heavy for our kids. Even we know learn new things doesn't harm. 

The other topic about kindergarten in jakarta is the fees.

We talk about international kindergarten base English language, the most cheap one must spend around 45 millions per year.

And if want foreigner (Native English) teacher then must spend 150 millions until 300 millions per year.

This kind of budget must ready in our pockets as a parents to put our kid to study in good school. 

I hope one day Indonesia government take serious about the fees in international school, what i mean is not that commercial because is about school, about kids future. aqua

If every kids can study in good school I'm sure Indonesia will be change be a better country because if country want to become great change the education system. 

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