Dating in Bali: Everything you need to know!

2019-01-23 2

Next to its amazing beaches, attractions and food, there is another very important reason for visiting Bali: its citizens! Balinese people are very friendly and the woman are gorgeous. Not surprisingly many people fall in love in Bali. Whether you go on a date with a local from Bali, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.To make sure you are aware of the customs and of what to expect, we will give you some tips for dating in Bali!

1. Intimacy: wait!

Say, it’s your first date and you are dating a local. If you like the girl and you would like to see her more often, don’t expect too much on the first date. Being intimate on the first date is not something a lot of local girls would do if they are planning on going out on more dates with you. So, if you want to steal a girl’s heart, be patience! Go on a couple of dates and wait a while before making physical contact.

2. Religion is important, but doesn’t need to be an obstacle

Religion is very important in the whole of Indonesia. Indonesia is an Islamic country, but a lot of Balinese people are Hindu or Buddhist. Some girls will want a future partner with the same religion, but for some it won’t matter. There are a lot of Balinese girls with bule (foreign) boyfriends that have a different religion!

3. Know your worth

You will want a girl that wants you for who you are and not just for your money. When she asks you about your money on the first date, this might be a sign that she may not be the one you are looking for. She may be a scam and if she is not a scam, she might only want you for financial reasons. Know your own worth and know that you deserve someone worthy. Don’t brag about your finances and make sure to have meaningful conversations before you go for a girl.

4. Be understanding and respectful

Balinese people are very modest. If they do not like something, they may not directly say so. This does not mean that they accept or like everything. Indonesian people are very proud of their culture and their values and will keep a lot of their thoughts for themselves. Make sure to be respectful and maybe say things in a slightly less direct way than you would normally do. Also be respectful of their habits and culture and make sure not to make fun of their religion.

5. Be honest

When it comes to love, Indonesian people can be sensitive. If they feel like you are playing with them, this can cause quite a bit of drama. So, if you just want a summer love or a night of fun, don’t hesitate telling them that you are not looking for something serious. This may not only save you a lot of drama, but it will also be fair to the one you are dating. She may even think it is alright, as long as you tell her. So always be honest!

6. Balinese woman are old-fashioned when it comes to dating

While in Europe and the States it is not uncommon to share the bill, when you date a Balinese woman you will have to pay for the date. In Bali men are supposed to be able to provide for the woman, so she will be offended if you ask her to go Dutch. That’s just not part of their culture, so if you would like to see her again, pay for everything. This does not mean you have to pay for other things except for the date!

7. Looks matter

You don’t need to be the best looking guy to win a Balinese girls’ heart, but it will help if you put some thought into the way you look. Buy a nice shirt, wear nice shoes and make sure you’ve combed your hair. Indonesian people like to always present themselves to others in the best possible way. So, if you dress up, they will have an extra reason to feel proud about being next to you.

8. Balinese girls speak English very well

Almost all Balinese girls speak English very well. They are used to seeing a lot of foreigners and work with foreigners all the time. This way, it is very easy to communicate together. They have a good sense of humor, one that we are familiar with in Europe and the States and you will find it very nice to have a conversation with a Balinese woman.

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