Corona virus in indonesia

2020-04-18 1

Covid-19 Outbreak

Entered the beginning of 2020 with grim, corona virus outbreaks hit all countries all around the world, including Indonesia. Starting from 2 patients covid-19 in early march 2020, and now in mid april 2020 indonesia is the country with the highest case in the southeast asia region. sad to see this reality. and what is the government doing to inhibit the growth of the corona virus? in Jakarta and its surroundings the government restricts large-scale human movements. A little explanation about the restricts large-scale human (PSBB) is, restrictions on the use of private and public vehicles. The rules for using private vehicles are as follows: 1. Motorbikes are only driven by 1 person , 2. Small cars, 1 driver in front and passengers in the back seat. 3. SUV driver in front, passenger 2 in the back seat, left and right. The Indonesian government still does not do a lockdown, this was said by President Jokowi considering many daily workers who rely on money received per day. very sad because the number of workers who rely on daily wages in Indonesia is tens of millions. want to blame the government for not being firm in handling co-19? wait a minute ... I want to ask, which country is ready to face thousands of people sick together?  With new diseases and not yet know the character of this virus 100%. Europe is devastated, USA, also panicked by this virus. Nothing is ready. Scientists are working hard to find a cure and study the character of this virus.

What we can do as indonesian citizen?

As an Indonesian citizen, I am fully obliged to follow the advice of the Indonesian government, to stay at home. Stop judging the government, now all you have to do is work together, if you can buy 1 carton of instant noodles, give 10 packets to workers who rely on daily wages, as well as rice, if you can buy 25 kilograms, give 5 kilograms, this is only as example. Stop asking for all to be borne by the government, while the current epidemic is sharing with others. With this kind of work together, I'm sure our country is fast going through the co-19 epidemic. And without the worries of the poor people to stay at home. 

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