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You are registered on an online dating website, your profile is on point and you have found a profile of the perfect girl to go on a date with. The only problem is that you are not sure how to approach her and ask her out on a date. Do not worry! If you follow these steps there is a good chance that she might become interested in you as well. And even if she doesn’t, the worst-case scenario is that she will ignore your message. At least then you’ll know that you should try your luck with another girl! 

1. Send her a personal message

There is a reason that you want to send this girl a message. Except for her looks, there must be a couple of good reasons why you are interested in her. Do you have the same hobbies? Do you like the same type of movies? Look for similarities and use these in the message you send to her. Tell her that you like her eyes or her smile, but don’t be too generous with comments about her looks. You don’t want her to think that is all you care about.

2. Don’t try too hard

The biggest mistake you can make when talking to a girl online is trying too hard. When your humor seems forced or it seems as if it took you a week to write a message, this is not going to work to your advantage. It is actually going to do the complete opposite. Girls are turned off by men that seem desperate. It is degrading and it makes it seem as if you perceive yourself as undervalued. Therefore, make sure that she notices that you are interested, but don’t overdo it. As cliché as it may sound, being yourself really is the only way to do it.

3. Show interest

Okay, so you know how girls tend to like bad boys and guys that play it cool? This does not mean that you shouldn’t show interest in her. Everyone likes to talk about themselves and so does she. Ask her about what she likes to do in her free time and what she is proud of. Respond to what she says and try to figure out if she is someone you would like to go on a date with. In the end you are both having this conversation to figure out whether or not you guys are a match.

4. Ask for her number

After getting to know her a bit, ask for her number. Don’t wait too long, because then it’s just going to be an endless chat in which she is going to lose interest very fast. If you wait too long, it may also seem like as if you are not very interested. Just tell her that you’d rather text her or speak on the phone, because it is easier or because you don’t check your online messages very often. Send her a text or if you are brave enough, give her a call. This is a big step towards your first date.

5. Make yourself valuable

When we are looking for people to date with, we are looking for someone to make our lives better. Show her why you will add value to her life. Are you adventures, ready to take her on amazing trips with you? Are you going to bring fun back into her life? Are you going to be the one to finally take care of her, after all those exes that just didn’t care about her? Show her your worth and you will give her a reason to go on a date with you.

6. Express your intentions

After talking to each other for a while it is time to express your intentions. Since you are on this website, you are probably thinking about dating someone abroad. This means things are not going to be as easy as when you date someone from the same city, or even the same country. If you don’t express your intentions, you might waste a lot of time om something that is not worth it. If she has the same intentions as you do, keep talking until you feel like you can trust someone.

7. Meet up

Since you guys are still talking, it is now time to meet up! Whether you decide to visit her or let her visit you, there is not much more to it than just going for it. You probably know a lot about her by now, you know that she is interested in meeting up and you guys can’t wait to finally see each other. It’s just a matter of time (and of buying a ticket) now!

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Jakarta Raya

looking for nice guy to travel

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Jawa Barat

Ordnary person, with an ordina..

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Jawa Ba..

Hello everybody, hope you do f..

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Hi everybody, hope to know you

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serius only

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Jakarta Raya

Gi guys shall we have some fun..

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I am keto warrior haha

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Jawa Timur


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Jawa Ti..

I am a good man

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Jakarta Raya


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