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Just hanging around

Age: 38 Hometown: 's-Gravenhage (Offline) (9)
Age: 38 | Gender:      25 month ago  
Jakarta Raya

looking for nice guy to travel

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Age: 27 | Gender:      21 month ago  

Hello everybody, hope you do f

Age: 25 Hometown: sleman (Offline) (3)
Age: 25 | Gender:      25 month ago  

just checking around here

Age: 44 Hometown: krapkowice (Offline) (2)
Age: 44 | Gender:      25 month ago  

I am keto warrior haha

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Age: 34 | Gender:      17 month ago  


Age: 34 Hometown: tangerang (Offline) (1)
Age: 34 | Gender:      6 month ago  

Richard surie

Age: 36 Hometown: 's-Gravenhage (Offline) (3)
Age: 36 | Gender:      25 month ago  
Jakarta Raya

Gi guys shall we have some fun

Age: 29 Hometown: Jakarta Timur (Offline) (13)
Age: 29 | Gender:      25 month ago  

Hello Friends,Searching for my

Age: 20 Hometown: mean-chey (Offline) (1)
Age: 20 | Gender:      23 month ago  

Hi everybody, hope to know you

Age: 28 Hometown: semarang (Offline) (1)
Age: 28 | Gender:      25 month ago  
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LAZINESSPeople in Indonesia, or other parts of the world are very lazy in the fasting month. They fall asleep in working hours. Yeah what do you expect? No energy, no food or drink
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Christmas is coming Let’s make it clear that I am not a religious person and I
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Anak haram (not allowed child)According to the law, you are not allowed to live together, have children or even show intimacy as long as you are NOT married. The problem here is th
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MentalityI have been in Jakarta for a number of years. What struck me a lot after this time is that people here think fairly simply and have no discipline. This is mainly apparent
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1. Appearance is everything She probably has gone pre-date shopping, changed her outfit a million times, has spent way too much time applying makeup and doing her hair and now loo
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Religion is important Dating in Indonesia is easy in a way to meet up people. Giving phone number and meet up can be done very fast, within the same day even. They like foreigne
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